3 Essential Marketing Lessons As Taught By Post-Millennials

Gone were the days where marketing plans were long and elaborate, today we see a shift in the way marketing plans work, it could be as simple as a 140-character tweet or even a six-second video. The post- millennial generation is changing the industry at a pace faster than before with the demand for credibility, authenticity and creative freedom.

Have you noticed how kids and teenagers these days consume and create media differently from generation X? It’s no longer about using celebrities or even impressive marketing plans to capture their attention. It goes beyond that. Here are 3 surprising yet essential marketing lessons the post-millennial generation have taught us about marketing.

Movie stars vs social media influencers

Move over movie celebrities, hello social media stars! Social media influencers are seen as more credible and trustworthy amongst younger consumers so much so emerging platforms that are tailored to mobile videos are rising as compared to TV, print and radio. Whilst most of these consumers are teenagers and young adults, they should be taken just as seriously as generation X for they are a group of business savvy people who are also content creators with the power to influence better than celebrity endorsements. Don’t believe this? Try asking someone of the younger generation whom they’d trust more; a celebrity or a social media influencer. It’s about time brands alter their influencer marketing to stay relevant while growing and maintaing a large, engaged audience.

Constant content creation and discovery

Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram…these are some of the ever-expanding apps which younger consumers use these days to make the most out of their media consumption. These aren’t just normal apps, it’s apps which allows for content creation and self-publishing. If you haven’t already heard, content creation is embedded in every moment of post-millennials lives, be it something exciting or mundane.To make the most out of engaging younger consumers in these platforms,brands are encouraged to partner with social media influencers to present them with branded content opportunities that are in line with the passion and interests of audience while relinquishing creative freedom which will be seen as more authentic.

Natural ad-blockers

Raise your hands if you belong to the group of consumers who still appreciates advertisements! A recent study conducted by Sourcepoint and comScore highlighted a shocking 30 percent of millennials who use some form of ad-blocking software, this only proves the post-millenials are game changers who reinvent their own games to beat marketers. All’s not lost for marketers yet! Marketers can create compelling ads with unique user experiences and powerful branded content to reach out to younger consumers.

Ultimately, real people are the largest audiences of mobile videos and platforms beyond it. Marketers have to constantly re-look at strategies to engage and influence in this people-powered world.