4 Secrets to Win Your Audience Attention and Increase Content Marketing

Brands today spend a lot in producing content but only 40% and below market their contents successfully. What about the rest? If content marketers are always falling behind, money pumped into creating those contents are being wasted. So how do we fix this? By capturing your audience attention, of course! How do we go about doing that? We will let you in on 4 secrets targeted to keep your customers wanting more.

1) Present your brand’s reputation

Consumers want to know how amazing your brand is before they purchase anything but for you to talk about how good you are is just a big NO. As such, customers often turn to experts or peers for recommendations. By leveraging on a collaboration between experts or social media stars, it will be seen as more authentic and credible. Believe it or not, research has shown that over 90% of customers say such methods have influenced their purchasing decisions.

2) Get to know your customers

Have you always wondered who consumes your brand? If you answered yes to that, you’re probably a newly established brand or you’ve never bothered to find out (tsk tsk!). It is necessary to know the personas of your target audience as it will give you an idea of their likes and dislikes. By showing them how you are listening to them, they will be more drawn to your brand. If you’re unsure where to begin, try gathering information through customer survey and interviews.

3) It’s all about the data

Whilst our tips can only help you so much, it is necessary to monitor your data and to look at your competitors for a healthy comparison, this will allow you to adjust your strategy to better suit your content. There is no fixed recipe for content marketing, it is always a mix of trial and error. When you use data-driven insights and combine it with creative ideas, it is very likely your content will succeed longer and to a wider range of audience who will fancy it..

4) A little surprise goes a long way

As a consumer, how would you feel if a brand makes you feel special, perhaps a salesperson went above and beyond to make you a happy customer or what if you purchase something online and even before you know it, you are rewarded with a discount code for future purchase. Won’t you keep going back to the brand because of how it made you feel? That’s exactly what content marketers can do! A little surprise for your loyal customers goes a long way, also, they will keep coming back to the brand which in turn will constantly allow you to engage with people who are interested in your brand rather than anyone who is just in for the free stuff. Something as simple as a discount code or a free item with the next purchase will work to impress your customers in the digital world.