6 Mobile Advertising Trends Set To Rock 2016

With everything going almost mobile these days, it’s no surprise there is an increased emphasis on the need for better mobile advertising. Here’s a list of 6 trends and predictions which will pave the way forward for mobile advertisers as we usher in 2016.

1. Enhancing mobile markets through content marketing

By providing consumers with valuable content marketing which they’re interested in, it not only enhances the user’s mobile experience, it also increases the value of mobile advertising. So, be sure to know what your consumer wants above everything else.

2. Location data accuracy

With so many location data services in the market, accurate location data will be of the essential and much more coveted in 2016 with the incorporation of geo-fencing as well as behavioral location data to drive store traffic rather than just targeting consumers in the right locations. Brands should look into leveraging on this opportunity to increase purchases across stores island wide to yield better returns.

3. Increasing in-app video advertising

Even though video advertising on mobile is growing, it is not expected to rise tremendously this year as it is still relatively new. This doesn’t mean advertisers should slow down efforts, instead they should focus on increasing in-app video advertising through the use of geo-targeting and location. Video on mobile will definitely grow progressively as targeting capabilities improve for the medium.

4. Taking virtual reality another step ahead

The use of virtual and augmented reality will definitely be one of the major highlights for mobile advertising this year as it allows advertisers to develop new ad formats which will increase consumers reach through the use of imaginative content creation , personalization and performance develop and reach and tracking abilities. It’s definitely something to watch out for!

5. Unifying screens with in-store touch points

2016 is going to be a game changer for purchases in physical stores through the unification of screens with in-store touch points.Through this method, better marketing imperatives can be looked upon to enhance consumer’s shopping experiences since 90 percent of purchases still happen in physical stores.Keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re out shopping.

6. Goodbye, Ad ‘noise’

Have you always struggled to enjoy a seamless and quiet experience while you’re browsing your phone on the go? Well, this might be the year you’ll finally be able to bid ad ‘noise’ goodbye. Definitely one of the best trends thus far, marketers are finally humanizing the digital experience for consumers by reflecting real-world user experienced surroundings for a more relevant and personal experience. Go on, grab that phone and start appreciating this fantastic trend!