Content-Marketing Done Right In Just 5 Ways

Content marketing is becoming a major component when it comes to marketing strategies, for every company. When done correctly, it can set your brand soaring. In just 5 ways, here’s how you can achieve good content marketing.

1) Out of the blog

Blogs here, blogs there, blogs everywhere…almost everyone these days focus on blogs as their main content marketing effort. It’s not exactly a bad thing to have a blog but to be a step ahead, try incorporating eBooks, vlogs, webinars and podcasts to ensure an eclectic mix to keep your audience drawn in. Increasing 3.6X year-over-year on Facebook, this particular content marketing effort is extremely popular among users, can you guess what it is? It’s no surprise videos topped the list as they allow for an emotional connection with the audience, more than other platforms. With vlogging gaining more and more popularity, be sure to embrace it fast.

2) Information-sharing, for free

When you position yourself as an expert who gives your audience valuable information for free, it only enhances your branding, that’s because your audience will see you as a brand which cares, without asking for anything in return. As such, they will be more leaned towards absorbing your content which in turn will begin to convert to sales slowly.

3) Content marketing for every B2C and B2B

Whether it is business-to consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts, content marketing can work for almost just anyone, the only difference is catering the content to each audience differently. For example, a B2C customer will definitely be bought over with content which tugs their hearts while a B2B customer needs to see numbers, data and research to be bought over.

4) Set out Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track your content marketing success/failure

With only 21% percent of content marketers successfully tracking their content marketing, it is important to identify KPIs so there is a rough indicator of your content marketing. Some examples of KPIs for content marketing are:

Revenue in the bag: Did your content marketing produce the revenue you were expecting, was it a surplus or was it a failure? This is definitely one of the most important KPIs for content marketers.

Social media shares: By reviewing each content posted and how many times it has been shared, you will get a rough gauge on the styles of the content and topics your audience are most interested in. This will then allow you to create valuable content which will be more marketable to your audience.

Compelling clicks: If the numbers aren’t there for your content, it could mean your content isn’t as compelling as you thought it was hence there’s a low rate of visitors who choose not to visit the other pages of your media even if you have good stuff in there. The amount of time visitors spend on your content also determines how strong your content is, for example a visitor who stays for 10seconds, what does it say about your content? You can do better.

Number of website visits: By using Google analytics or Google’s URL builder, you can review the total number of visitors to your website, particularly so after a specific campaign or after every content is posted.

5) Don’t put your eggs in one basket when it comes to online marketing

While content marketing generally yields great results, it doesn’t mean it’s time to invest in just one medium to achieve your KPIs. Instead of just relying on a website, how about looking into social media platforms, brand building awareness or even SEO, this is to ensure should one channel fail, you have other channels to depend on.