Wing Your Visual Content To Win Your Audience

One would assume it’s a no-brainer to incorporate the use of striking visuals when it comes to marketing efforts but that doesn’t seem to be the case of late. Whilst it’s still unclear why some companies aren’t taking steps to include proper strong visual content to win their audience over, we’ll share with you insights for incorporating fantastic visuals to wow your audience.

1) Inner Visual Voice

It’s essential to know the brand voice you want to project right from the start, even before you set out to create branding/marketing collaterals. The brand voice should immediately associate with audiences as soon as they see it. For example, you can tell when you’re reading a BBC article from a CNN one. If a voice is the main core of identifying the written word, a visual language is then seen as it’s graphical counterpart.

Hands up if you’re guilty of associating visual language to just a mere logo. No doubt a logo is essential in communicating the branding of a company but a good logo serves to aid the branding just like how a visual identity deepens the editorial voice.

Visuals and the company’s voice should always be aligned, even though it is good enough to stand alone. This will uphold consistency in the brand’s image as well. To ensure the company’s voice and visuals are in tandem, it is always easier to create graphics which are simple yet sophisticated without giving the audience a big headache (Wouldn’t you feel dizzy if there were too many neon colors staring your way?).

2) Keeping It Consistent

In the world of content marketing, there is a need to constantly keep up with the changing times, as such, it is necessary to keep graphic content simple for adaptations by other graphics designers who are part of the team. This will allow the company to generate better creative ideas whilst still being very much in line with the brand’s voice. You can’t always depend on that one graphic designer for everything, give that guy a break and let others wow you with their brilliant ideas!

3) More Than Just Window-Dressings

What do you think of when the term ‘visual identity’ is mentioned? If you’re thinking window-dressings, you’re not wrong but it goes beyond that. A lot of time, content marketers invest so much time in window-dressings that they neglect the overall bigger picture. The recipe for successful content marketing comes down to 60% strong content, 40% perfect visual identity.

Take for example the blog, SumAll. Beautifully designed, the actual website captures the user’s attention immediately with its minimalism. Through the incorporation of images into the content, it enhances the experience for the user, allowing the visuals to aid the messages put across.

SumAll proves the point that visual aids when combined with quality text creates an entirely new experience for the user. Now that you’ve seen how feasible it is, how about you incorporate it too?

Content marketing in our current era is definitely mind-boggling or as some would put it, a little chaotic. With messages and visuals all over, there is clearly room for innovation to fully utilize what is being put across. By incorporating a consistent style of visual element in every content, your audience will definitely recognize it sub-consciously.